April 8, 2012


Road splayed out like loose, lascivious legs. The sun rises.

This is something real.

Painted landscapes drip by, so beautiful you know you’ll never remember them correctly,

not that you wanted to.

Wine country. 

I think The Bible must have been written here, you think. 

Not because it’s mean or chauvinistic but because the vines look like they’ve been creeping since the beginning of time. 

But because of the way the dust never seems to settle.

So, prop your feet up on the dash and turn off the music. You own the world. 

God was here once, you think. You can feel it.

Why bother taking pictures, no one’s gonna believe it’s real. 

Giants lived here once, you think. Giants with giant feet, wandering for wandering’s sake,

because that’s what giants do. 

Big, tan, sun giants. 

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